Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Tomorrow -- Thursday November 13 -- is a day that Minnesotans celebrate generosity, and demonstrate generosity as they Give to the Max.   We would love it if you would make a tax-exempt donation to Code Savvy, or to one of our programs, including CoderDojoTC, TechnovationMN and the Northside Code Clubs.

On this day, we want also to salute the incredible generosity of our dedicated mentors.  These talented, knowledgeable, patient people are the brains -- and heart -- of all Code Savvy programs.  Already in 2014, over 200 volunteers have donated more than 4,000 (yes, four thousand) hours of their time to help your kids and all of our kids learn to code.   We simply could not do it without them. Many thanks to each and all!

The mission of Code Savvy is to inspire a diverse, new code-savvy generation,  bringing the joy and skill of coding and creative problem solving to kids and teens in Minnesota.  We have welcomed more than 2000 kids and teens in 2014, through programs including:

Your generous donation will help us bring coding to even more kids in 2015.  Please take a minute now and give generously to Code Savvy.  Your donation is fully tax-exempt and if you like, you can earmark it for a specific program.  You can give Give to the Max on November 13.  Or we welcome your gift anytime here.

Thank you so much!

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