Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Just do it!    That was one of Grace Hopper's most loved and frequent quotes.  She was pivotal in the early days of computing:  a brilliant inventor and innovator, a commanding presence and magnificent speaker.   She had a piercing vision of using computers in fields way beyond those initial number-crunching scientific processors, and she created the first compiler, allowing people to program using human-ish languages instead of binary digits.

Grace Hopper was also a down-to-earth do-er who demanded action.  It is so fitting that Computer Science Education Week is held around her birthday each year, making opportunities for millions (yes, millions) of people all over the world celebrate by learning to code.   Kudos on "doing it" to many talented, determined people in many parts of the world who are making that happen.  Grace Hopper would love it!

It's Grace's birthday today.  She'd be 108 years old if still alive.  Two year ago during Computer Science Week, I promised her I'd do something to create opportunities for kids -- all kinds of kids -- to  learn to code.   Two years later, thanks to hundreds of volunteers, Code Savvy has brought the delight and skill of coding to thousands of young people in Minnesota and is growing rapidly.  

Code Savvy will be at the Northside Code Club today, working in Scratch with resourceful, determined, creative young people in North Minneapolis, coding games and digital stories.  Here's a little Scratch animation about Grace  that we made for those kids.

Grace Hopper's legacy lives on.  Go ahead and celebrate.  Eat cake and code.  Just do it! 

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