Saturday, April 13th

Join us for the 9th annual MNCodes Educator Summit. This is a free opportunity for educators to learn more about technology and computer science education in Minnesota.

MNCodes Educator Summit Participant
  • Date: Saturday, April 13th, 2024
  • Time: 9 am CT – 12:30 pm CT 
  • Location: Virtual

“ElevatED” represents the idea of lifting up and advancing all education through technology and computer science. It emphasizes the elevation of educational standards, opportunities, and the overall learning experience for students in Minnesota.

How do I Apply?

We are thrilled to always provide a diverse group of presenters at our summit. If you are interested in applying to present, please submit an application here

What type of sessions are you looking for?

If you are interested in presenting, we invite you to share any topic/theme you are passionate about as it relates to Computer Science Education. Based on our 2024 Summit Theme, some of the sub-topics we are looking for this year are: 

  1. Rising Together: Highlight the collaborative efforts of educators, policymakers, and industry leaders in shaping the future of computer science education in Minnesota.
  2. Building a CS Toolkit: How do you enhance your CS Classroom with the latest teaching methods, tools and technologies? How do you develop your own skills and knowledge to effectively teach computer science? Share your stories, insights and tips!
  3. Equity in CS Education: Address the importance of equitable access to computer science education for all students, emphasizing diversity and inclusion in tech.
  4. Computational Thinking and Unplugged Activities: How do you integrate them into the classroom? Share your stories, insights, and tips on how computational thinking and unplugged activities can enhance students’ learning and engagement in CS.
  5. Professional Development in CS Education: Discuss the role of professional development in supporting educators on their journey to becoming proficient computer science instructors.
  6. CS Pedagogy and Instructional Strategies: Highlight the different pedagogical approaches and instructional strategies you have tried with students. How have they supported students learning and engagement in CS?
  7. Student Empowerment: Showcase stories of student achievements and the impact of computer science education on their future career prospects.
  8. Tech Leadership Elevation: Encourage educators to embrace their role as tech leaders in their schools and communities.
  9. Minnesota’s Digital Frontier: Explore the unique opportunities and challenges of implementing computer science standards in Minnesota’s educational landscape.

If you have questions, please email

We are looking for sponsors to help bring this free opportunity to life for educators across Minnesota. If you are interested in sponsoring our event, please reach out to