The new Tonka CoderDojo welcomes young people ages 13-17 and meets monthly at Minnetonka High School with four code groups:

Android MIT App Inventor:
Build Android apps without actually writing any code! This is a great group for beginners. If you want to get familiar with App Inventor prior to an event we encourage you to check out ! 
Build modern looking websites with mentors who build them daily! A good group for any level, with some of the most relevant skills of our time! 
Guided Coding:
Want some more freedom when you come to Coder Dojo? Then this is the group for you! In this code group feel free to come in with a small project that you may have questions about and our mentors can help you out! Please come with an appropriately sized project, Rome wasn't built in a day! 
Come in and build some mods and addons for your favorite game! 

The next Tonka CoderDojo will be on November 22, 2014.  Check @TonkaCoderDojo to see when registration opens. 

Please follow Tonka CoderDojo on Twitter and Facebook.  Check out this recent article in the Sun Sailor, or this short video.  Kudos to Minnetonka high school student Josh McGrath for creating this great program for the community!

For questions or more information, contact us at:

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