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Computer Programmers

2023 US Bank Challenge

These are the teams participating in the US Bank Challenge in 2023: 

Best Choice - App

Team Name: Explorers
Team Members: Susanna Kaspar, Grace Kaspar, Bhavagna Thumbeti, Ruthvika Aadhya Gandi

Mentors: Christopher Kaspar, Charlotte Thomasson, Valerie Jarvis

Division: Beginner

Project Description: Our app, Best Choice, has been made to help reduce food waste. It stores what your food is and when it will expire. It then will notify you a few days before to warn you that your food is about to expire. In the settings you can also adjust the days before you get a warning. If you can’t finish your food before it expires, you can also donate it to your local food shelf with the help of the donation page. You can cook food with the recipes page. You can also make an online grocery list.

Enviro - App

Team Name: H2Awesome
Team Members: Meg Schmitt, Isabella Garry, Leah Kruegel

Mentors: Daniel Garry

Division: Beginner

Project Description: Enviro is an app that educates people about purchasing decisions by offering a barcode scanner that can detect whether or not a product has microplastics. Also, Enviro offers a fun game where the user can practice identifying microplastics in the ingredient list and then they collect coins to purchase cute accessories for their pet turtle.

Pridely - App

Team Name: L & R Studios
Team Members: Leah Siskind, Rio Graves

Mentors: Austen Kruzeski, Loring Harrop, Kevin Stockard

Division: Beginner

Project Description: Our project is an app used to help allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, through gamification, fun stories, fun characters, and a LOT in plan for the future. to keep users entertained and invested in becoming better allies.

Undangered - App

Team Name: Girls_With_Power
Team Members: Rachel Harrop, Ava Lacher

Mentors: Austen Kruzeski, Loring Harrop, Kevin Stockard

Division: Junior

Project Description: Our app (which we have named Undangered) is an app designed to educate people about: our planet, the changes it is undergoing, and the effect those changes have on wildlife . . . all while having fun playing a slightly competitive game! This app contains a series of mini-games meant to entertain and educate its players, and we are planning on adding several additional resources including a map of nearby charities and reserves.

Cultivate Connection - App

Team Name: {App}ly Yourself
Team Members: Lillian Hanson, Josie Koenigs, Ana da Silva, Elizabeth Schieffelbein

Mentors: Jessica Hanson, Brad Bentley

Division: Senior

Project Description: CultivateConnection helps agricultural workers and sustainability-focused businesses to connect and work together in mutually beneficial relationships. Its main function is the matching system, in which users create a profile explaining their services and/or needs, and a tagging system matches them with potential partners who have a similar focus. For example, a business that builds windmills would be matched with farmers looking to implement windmills on their farms. The app also provides comprehensive sustainability and green energy resources for community members, or anyone who isn’t looking for specific business partners.

Fraud Fighters - App

Team Name: Android Alchemists
Team Members: Reeha Ibrahim, Shreya Sekar, Nishi Agrawal

Mentors: Calli McCartan

Division: Senior

Project Description: Many elderly people are taken advantage of, facing scams, monetary loss, and embarrassment and we aim to provide preventative and emphatic solutions to combat these concerns. By putting people in contact with local grassroots, others facing similar dilemmas, and a chatbot feature to guide them in the right direction, our app Fraud Fighters focuses on making assistance fighting fraud more available and possible avenues for people to be taken advantage of less available.

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