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Byte-Sized Challenge

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Student’s day-to-day schedules are so busy. Between classes, sports, music lessons, and spending time with family, it can be really hard to find time for any additional learning activities. 


Code Savvy wants to ensure that all students (and teachers) have access to computer science education throughout Minnesota, so we created the Byte-Sized Challenge to be able to meet students exactly where they are. 


The Byte-Sized challenge consists of 16 - 40 minute lessons, which can be delivered over 8-10 weeks directly in the classroom.


We provide the curriculum, hardware (Micro:Bits), industry mentors, and snacks - teachers provide the classroom oversight, guidance, laptops/chromebooks, and relationships with students.

Read this blog post to learn more!

  • Industry Mentors that are interested in signing up to work with students in the schools can sign up now!  

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