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Code Savvy


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Our Code Savvy Experience programs are longer-running (typically 8-12 weeks), hands-on technology programs that give students opportunities to gain leadership, development, design, and programming skills. 

Our Byte-Sized Challenge is an 8-10 week program that introduces programming and physical computing using a Micro:Bit, and either block-code or the python programming language. 

The Technovation Girls Challenge is a 12-week program for girls and non-binary students that teaches how to ideate, design, and code a mobile application or AI technology. 

We are in the process of building out an additional 12-week program for boys that will give them skills in mobile application and AI development - Stay Tuned! 

All of the Code Savvy Experience programs include mentorship, training, and community-building events to introduce students to the Code Savvy eco-system of computer science education. 

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