Developing a CS Pathway

A school partnership is a tailored plan focused on developing new computer science (CS) opportunities through continuous collaboration with Code Savvy. We provide resources, ongoing training, and support for implementing new and existing programming to K-12 schools to foster the development of sustainable pathways within a school or district.

A CS pathway comprises a series of courses and activities designed to equip students with a comprehensive CS education, preparing with valuable skills applicable to any career beyond CS and its related fields. Our support in developing these pathways focuses not only on the creation of new programs and courses but also on supporting educators with the tools and skills to teach computer science confidently. A CS pathway can start as early as kindergarten and continue through 12th grade.

Developing a CS Pathway

Partnerships provide schools with personalized and ongoing support to establish sustainable CS pathways within their districts. The goal of a school partnership is to provide support tailored to the current needs of a district and responsive to changes throughout the partnership. From professional development and coaching to curriculum support and development, school partnerships guarantee that your educators and students are set up for success.

Developing a CS Pathway

Ready to begin? Let’s connect! To explore Code Savvy’s school partnerships, schedule a kick-off meeting with a member of our team. In this meeting, we will discuss your needs and goals, and how we can support you!

Bloomington Public Schools

Code Savvy designed and developed a K-5 CS integrated curriculum to complement their existing science curriculum. These lessons were tailored to support educators new to CS with the necessary tools and resources for teaching computer science. This initiative aligns with their goal of expanding high-quality CS opportunities for students beyond specialist classes.

Brooklyn Center Community Schools

Code Savvy has partnered with the district for several years, providing high-quality and engaging professional development and resources to K-12 teachers. Notably, one of our projects focused on developing a school-based cohort of educators focused on engagement and equity in computer science. This initiative offered educators hands-on experiences with various tools and programming languages to enhance their understanding of computer science concepts and skills.

Zanewood Elementary STEAM

Code Savvy provides ongoing curricular and coaching support to educators throughout the school, facilitating the development and implementation of intentional CS integration aligned with the Minnesota Integrated CS Benchmarks. This partnership aims to create high-quality and engaging CS opportunities for every student. Specifically, focusing on supporting K-5 classroom educators with content knowledge and instructional tools for effective CS teaching.

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