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2023 Technovation Finalists

Updated: Sep 7

We have incredible news!! This morning at the Global Summit, Technovation Girls announced the finalists and special award winners from this year's season.

TWO of our Technovation Girls Minnesota teams came out on top!

First, team SwiftPixels (Jasmine Garry) took home a very special award: The "Combating Hunger Prize" for their work building the HOPE App. (watch the pitch video)

explanation of the hope app - connects volunteers and refugees in need to schedule food, clothing, and toy pickups and deliveries. Also offers translation services and volunteers who speak the same language as those in need.

And Beginner team, H2Awesome (Meg Schmitt, Isabella Garry, and Leah Kruegel) is advancing as FINALISTS for their Enviro App. They will be going to the finals held in California this October!

explanation of the Enviro app - educates people about purchasing decisions by offering a barcode scanner to detect if the product contains microplastics.

Check out their technical video to learn more!

These are amazing accomplishments in a global competition of over 21,500 girls from across the world. Congratulations to SwiftPixels for the special award and shoutout, and to all of our teams who submitted such incredible projects this season.

Please join us as we continue to cheer H2Awesome on, all the way to the finish line! ❤️

A message from Technovation Global CEO, Tara Chklovski:

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