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2023 Technovation Submissions

Updated: May 2

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Beginner Teams

Team Name: Coding Avocado Cats

Team Members: Allie Harrop, Eleanor Alcorn-Webb, True Polinske

Mentors: Loring Harrop, Austen Kruzeski, Kevin Stockard

App Name: Find My Sports

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our project is solving the problem that there are no apps to track or read about women's sports, it can also help with anxiety right before big sporting events. In our app you will be able to find an article on almost whatever sport you want.


Team Name: CreateHope Beginners

Team Members: Pearl Tong, Annie Olson

Mentors: Amy Svoboda, Youa Thao

App Name: Save Mpls

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Local Minneapolis citizens need a way to know how to sort waste into the correct place because of the growing amount of litter in Minneapolis. We created an app that uses AI to recognize if waste is trash, compost or recycling.


Team Name: Eden hope

Team Members: Eden Anikpo

Mentors: AIne O'Donnell

App Name: B-Fruity

Pitch Video:

Project Description: This app will help active people to get more nutrients based on their workout, through curated smoothie recipes. This will help them to be able to stay healthy and replenish their bodies before, during, and after their workout.


Team Name: Explorers

Team Members: Susanna Kaspar, Grace Kaspar, Bhavagna Thumbeti, Ruthvika Aadhya Gandi

Mentors: Christopher Kaspar, Charlotte Thomasson, Valerie Jarvis

App Name: BestChoice

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our app, Best Choice, has been made to help reduce food waste. It stores what your food is and when it will expire. It then will notify you a few days before to warn you that your food is about to expire. In the settings you can also adjust the days before you get a warning. If you can’t finish your food before it expires, you can also donate it to your local food shelf with the help of the donation page. You can cook food with the recipes page. You can also make an online grocery list.


Team Name: Four Trees in the Park

Team Members: Dhriti Singh, Isha Thottingal, Anayna Ilangovan, Akshara Chenna

Mentors: Sri Pulivendula, Phil Yasger, Vinod Thumala

App Name: Trash Talk

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Trash TALK is an app to help us identify if our waste goes in the recycling or trash. We made this app to help our environment flourish, most people do not pay attention to how we are classifying our items, this causes pollution and therefore injures our environment in many different ways, including landfill increment, animal poisoning and increases green house gases.


Team Name: Go-Getters

Team Members: Fiona Alem, Johanna Crappel

Mentors: Amy Svoboda

App Name: Pledge

Pitch Video:

Project Description: We created an app that motivates people to go outside by having a daily scavenger hunt. Users will be given daily items to find and scan outside in order to earn points.


Team Name: H2Awesome

Team Members: Meg Schmitt, Isabella Garry, Leah Kruegel

Mentors: Daniel Garry

App Name: Enviro

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Enviro is an app that educates people about purchasing decisions by offering a barcode scanner that can detect whether or not a product has microplastics. Also, Enviro offers a fun game where the user can practice identifying microplastics in the ingredient list and then they collect coins to purchase cute accessories for their pet turtle.


Team Name: Hope in the Clouds

Team Members: Cora Glover, L'Rayah Riddick

Mentors: AIne O'Donnell

App Name: Safety in the Clouds

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our app helps make traveling easier for people with Disabilities, by helping them communicate their needs directly to the airline workers and navigate the airport. We want to make traveling as accessible as possible for everyone.


Team Name: J A N

Team Members: Jada Ahianyo, Nandini Nayyar, Akruti Narayanan


App Name: Animal Rescue

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our app aims to prevent poaching. This is needed because there are many poaching cases each year that endanger animals. Our app educates people about the animals that are most targeted. Some of the ways that we provide this are: a wildlife sanctuary number where you can contact professionals, a police number where users can report the illegal poaching, information on the animals, and a map to let the wildlife sanctuary know where the poaching is happening. This is how our app can prevent poaching from occurring.


Team Name: L&R Studios

Team Members: Leah Siskind, Rio Graves

Mentors: Austen Kruzeski, Loring Harrop, Kevin Stockard

App Name: Pridely

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our project is an app used to help allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, through gamification, fun stories, fun characters, and a LOT in plan for the future. to keep users entertained and invested in becoming better allies.


Team Name: MME Rookies

Team Members: Megan Li, Kaitlyn Mulle

Mentors: Michelle Brunik

App Name: Movation

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Movation is an app designed to help motivate MME students to exercise. In the app we developed fitness videos specific to MMEs favorite sports, hockey, soccer, and basketball. we hired student athletes to develop a 5 minute workout specific to their sport. In the future we would like to add a social aspect to the app in which the users could have their own account along with games, statistics, and competition. Overall the app seeks to motivate young people to exercise through team building, competition, and enjoyment.


Team Name: MN StarTech

Team Members: Srighra Sirna, Kayla Lueth, Arya Lueth

Mentors: Jim Monner, Kavya Prasad

App Name: Lost and Found

Pitch Video:

Project Description: An app that helps students, teachers, and parents reunite with items lost in their school. Our app is intended to be used at a school district level to improve the chances of a lost item being returned to its owner.


Team Name: Rochester Rockets

Team Members: Sanvitha Vallurupalli, Saisudeeksha Kusampudi, Sahasra Kakarla, Lasya Sree Kurra, Avanti Duggirala

Mentors: Kyle Gilbertson

App Name: #OW!

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our app is called #ow!. It is designed for kids coming home from the hospital. We realized that kids who come home from the hospital might be bored or lonely. This app would solve this problem by giving people things to do. Examples are coloring books, games, and exercise and online videos. Other things we have are reminders and a help button for emergencies.


Team Name: Seaweed

Team Members: Samantha Wilson, Brooklyn Mechtel, Ruby Kellogg

Mentors: Patrick Floryance

App Name: Spruce'd

Pitch Video:

Project Description: The problem we are trying to solve is replanting trees and stopping deforestation. Deforestation is a pretty big problem because it makes up 15% of greenhouse gases. It is a big problem because the loss of trees can cause climate change, desertification, and soil erosion which can lead to fewer crops. It can also increase the chances of flooding and can produce greenhouse gasses. Our app will be focusing when and where people will meet to plant trees and help stop deforestation! We will keep it local while we are just starting but we would like to grow statewide.


Team Name: SSDR Digital

Team Members: Sasha Weerasinghe, Shivani Seshadri, Dhara Kannan

Mentors: Shamila Amarasekera

App Name: Destination Health

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our app will help people find the nearest hospital for their symptoms. Its name is Destination Health. How it works is you will type in your symptoms. Then, it will show the nearest hospitals and the soonest appointments possible.


Team Name: The 6th Grade Ratata's CMS

Team Members: Jada Weverka, Claire Butler, Rosalie Shipley

Mentors: Amber Kester

App Name: Seeing Others Perspectives

Pitch Video:

Project Description: This game was made to see others peoples perspective of poverty and ways you could help those in need. There are 42 million people in the U.S who are in poverty and the numbers increase daily, which isn't good. So our job is to bring awareness to stop the numbers increasing.


Team Members: Madison Gonzalez Sparkman, Sophia Guerrero, Alexandra Rosenberg

Mentors: Ericka Dennis, Pooja Goyal, Laurie Aaronson

App Name: A-HEAD of you

Pitch Video:

Project Description: A-Head of You is a calming app for youth 6-9 years old. It features a mood tracker and four virtual calming spaces with various links to videos, books, inspirational quotes and activities to help kids work through big feelings. Future features include: customizable calming spaces, a chat room, virtual journal, and a kid-friendly GPS for great places to explore and activities in their community.


Junior Teams

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Team Name: Girls_With_Power

Team Members: Rachel Harrop, Ava Lacher

Mentors: Austen Kruzeski, Loring Harrop, Kevin Stockard

App Name: Undangered

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our app (which we have named Undangered) is an app designed to educate people about: our planet, the changes it is undergoing, and the effect those changes have on wildlife . . . all while having fun playing a slightly competitive game! This app contains a series of mini-games meant to entertain and educate its players, and we are planning on adding several additional resources including a map of nearby charities and reserves.


Team Name: MACT

Team Members: Taylor Stokes, Carniece Williams, Meridel Kearns-Stanley, Kristin Free

Mentors: Suzanne Kobilka, Tamara Cowan

App Name: NAP (NOT. A. PUZZLE)

Pitch Video:

Project Description: We are helping women and young girls deal with the sexism in the health industry. And also women and girls who have ADHD ADD or Autism or want to be diagnosed without having a biased doctor. We also have other options as well. We have the venting program and a drawing pad program just in case you’re bored or need someone to talk to.


Team Name: Mischief Monkeys

Team Members: Sydney Fiereck, Elaine Wang, Isha Gaur, Kareena Acharya

Mentors: Laurie Aaronson

App Name: Reading Gems

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Kids have problems finding a book, whether it’s for a class presentation, book club, or just wanting to find a good book. ReadingGems is an app targeted towards 8-14 year olds. You Start by taking a quiz, then you get several books that are recommended for you based on your responses. Our team is passionate about solving this problem because we ourselves, can’t find a good book to read.

The goal of our app is to show the book title, author and cover, a summary of the book, and where to get it. We hope to include kid written reviews.


Team Name: MME Experienced

Team Members: Ainsley Vaagenes, Celine Sorour, Layan Sorour

Mentors: Michelle Brunik

App Name: Lost it?

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our project, “Lost It?,” was made and designed for a school setting. This will allow students to locate their items lost in classrooms. This minimizes the time wasted outside the classroom searching for lost items. Teachers can also log items that have been left behind by students from the comfort of their own desks!


Team Name: Pear Skins

Team Members: Estella Jasiczek, Olive Ost-Vollmers, Luna Correa Bianchini, Gabriela Armendariz

Mentors: Suzanne Kobilka, Matthew Streit

App Name: Thriftable

Pitch Video:

Project Description: We chose the problem of thrifting. Throwing away tons of thrifted items is destroying the earth. And businesses that try to protect the earth have to pay money whenever they throw away a quality piece of clothing. It’s a big problem. We looked further into it and realized that there are more difficulties in thrifting. Thrifters couldn’t find thrift stores to donate to or shop. This is where our app comes in to help. It can direct you to the proper thrift store. We used personal reviews! We have the best results! We hope you enjoy our app. Thanks!


Team Name: Sparkly Potato Dragons

Team Members: Lily Drewes, Arlo Walker, Wren Westdal, Leila Bakshian

Mentors: Jonathan Drewes, Marie Gottschalk, Tracey Treat

App Name: Addiction Extinction

Pitch Video:

Project Description: The problem we seek to address is addiction. We developed an app called Addiction Extinction that helps people assess whether they have an addiction, and helps people try to break addiction. We decided to address general addiction, because there are so many subtypes of addiction that cause harm. Addiction is an important topic that has not been highlighted as much as some other struggles teenagers face today. We hope that by the use of this app users will be able to help themselves to overcome addiction. This is a fun and easy way to try to track your addiction-breaking goal.


Team Name: Techy Turtles

Team Members: Cora Evans, Hadlee McConaghie, Catherine Schieffelbein


App Name: RU❤️K

Pitch Video:

Project Description: RU❤️K is an app that will help people with any mental health issues, and helps people relax. RU❤️K has games, music, and calming sounds. The games include: Light switches, coloring, and bubbles. There's break-up songs, feel-good songs, and calming sounds. The break-up songs are upbeat to make you feel better, the feel-good songs are to make you happy if you're down, and the calming sounds will help you sleep or calm down if you're having a panic attack or feeling stressed. We really hope this app helps people with mental health issues, and helps even you too!


Team Name: WhyCycle

Team Members: Azazia Bordeaux, NMACHUKWU EZECHUKWU, Nora Franklin, Irina Viskovatykh, Yadira Galan

Mentors: Suzanne Kobilka

App Name: WhyCycle

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our app is called WhyCycle and the problem is climate change and pollution. We chose this problem because we think that this is the biggest problem in the world. If we do not fix climate change and do not reduce pollution soon enough, our planet will no longer be safe enough for us to live in.

Our goal as a team is to make an app that will remind people the importance of taking care of our planet. Because if we don’t take care of our planet, then who will?

We love our planet and we’ll save it.


Team Name: WMS-SARS

Team Members: Sophie Cui, Akshara Talluri, Saanvi Yemireddy, Revathi Dinesh

Mentors: Kate Indrelie

App Name: MindMap

Pitch Video:

Project Description: MindMap, was made after considering the many problems teens in our community face. A lot of our peers expressed that they knew they had some sort of problem affecting their mental health but they didn’t know what. Which leads us to the purpose of MindMap. We researched so don’t need to. On the home screen there’s a start quiz option. The quiz asks various questions that become more and more specific until a person’s problem is narrowed down to a specific problem. After that, we link various resources about that mental health problem and how to fix it.


Senior Teams

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Team Name: {APP}ly Yourself

Team Members: Lillian Hanson, Josie Koenigs, Ana da Silva, Elizabeth Schieffelbein

Mentors: Jessica Hanson, Brad Bentley

App Name: Cultivate Connection

Pitch Video:

Project Description: CultivateConnection helps agricultural workers and sustainability-focused businesses to connect and work together in mutually beneficial relationships. Its main function is the matching system, in which users create a profile explaining their services and/or needs, and a tagging system matches them with potential partners who have a similar focus. For example, a business that builds windmills would be matched with farmers looking to implement windmills on their farms. The app also provides comprehensive sustainability and green energy resources for community members, or anyone who isn’t looking for specific business partners.


Team Name: Android Alchemists

Team Members: Reeha Ibrahim, Shreya Sekar, Nishi Agrawal

Mentors: Calli McCartan

App Name: Fraud Fighters

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Many elderly people are taken advantage of, facing scams, monetary loss, and embarrassment and we aim to provide preventative and emphatic solutions to combat these concerns. By putting people in contact with local grassroots, others facing similar dilemmas, and a chatbot feature to guide them in the right direction, our app Fraud Fighters focuses on making assistance fighting fraud more available and possible avenues for people to be taken advantage of less available.


Team Name: Career Crusaders

Team Members: Harini Vinod, Shruti Chandrasekar

Mentors: Sarah Cashman, Gina Woolfrey

App Name: /Forward

Pitch Video:

Project Description: /Forward is a mobile app designed for high school students that provides a career and field quiz and offers personalized recommendations for future steps to take. It has a strong focus on accessibility, with features such as text-to-speech, color contrast, language translation, user-friendly language, etc. /Forward aims to help students discover their passions and make informed decisions about their future, regardless of physical/cognitive abilities. With the app's detailed, tangible, high-school relevant steps that it provides the user with along with its user-friendly interface and accessibility features, /Forward empowers all students to explore and pursue their career goals.


Team Name: Central High School Team

Team Members: Rebecca Sandeen, Emily Romero, Julia Pauly

Mentors: Amber Kester

App Name: Accessify

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Communicating in an emergency situation is something that is a struggle for the deaf and hard of hearing community. This means that there are over 430 million people in the world who are not able to simply call emergency service when they are in a dire situation, and this number will nearly double over the next few decades. Through Accessify, we are trying to make the world a safer place for this community by giving them an easy way to get emergency help with only the press of a few buttons.


Team Name: Circinus

Team Members: Breanna Volker, Carly Fitzgerald, Ava Volker, Cadence Thompson

Mentors: Kathryn, Kate Carroll

App Name: Rootinely

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Rootinely is an app that is focused on managing procrastination. It will include customizable schedules with games as a reward for completion. Rootinely's goal is to make planning fun and stress-free!!


Team Name: F&Rms

Team Members: Keerthana Keshavaram, NEHA NANDHAKUMAR, Sophia Mauro

Mentors: Ann Dixon, Margaret Zimmermann, Elizabeth O'Leary, Shriya Srinivas, Mary Betts, Renee Lee

App Name: TrackTor

Pitch Video:

Project Description: The TrackTor App is a practical and portable communication solution, which is key to managing a healthy small farm. “Volunteer turnover rates on the farms have increased by 6.6% in 2018.” TrackTor saves farmers time and thus money, by allowing them to be more efficient with their communication to farm labor personnel. It also allows farmers to track tasks that need to be done, assign tasks, provide specific job training videos, and record hours worked at the farm. The premade training and safety videos help train new volunteers and help farmers stay organized.


Team Name: Froze n'boots

Team Members: Sydney Naze, Roselyn Liudahl, Genevieve Starkson, Jade Scovill

Mentors: Patrick Floryance

App Name: Book Nook

Pitch Video:

Project Description: This app offers teachers the opportunity to exchange their classroom book sets in a low-cost manner. This is a solution to the issue of schools wanting to update their curriculum but not having the funds. Furthermore, to make it resource-efficient, the consumers would return the sets at a date of their choice. This would diminish having books needlessly take up space while not in use. This would appeal to smaller schools with fewer funds by charging per student which means less populated areas would get a price that works for their district.


Team Name: Hope Academy Seniors

Team Members: Katherine Thompson, Lattu Galate, Sarah Smith, Delaney Yamoah, Liza Timm

Mentors: Sara Thompson

App Name: AIpple

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our mission is to create healthy waste management habits that will reduce waste and improve the planet with the use of artificial intelligence.


Team Name: Mounds View High School

Team Members: Zoke Sackih, Sreya Subramanian

Mentors: Karen Busack, Quincy Sime, Michelle Trueblood

App Name: Gratzi

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Gratzi assists people in practicing gratitude and improving their mental health. Users can write down what they are grateful for, and the app will store and display the list at the end of each month as a reminder of the good things in their lives. Users can train their minds to focus on the positive elements of life by practicing gratitude daily, resulting in elevated levels of dopamine and serotonin. Gratzi features a resource page where users may get further information and help. Gratzi aims to encourage contentment by encouraging people to take small, active steps toward a happy existence.


Team Name: Rochester Seniors

Team Members: Sarah Yilma, Sreya Ramar, Elizabeth Youngman, Norah Yu

Mentors: Janell Nelson, Yvonne Chick

App Name: ConnectME

Pitch Video:

Project Description: ConnectME aims to reduce the disadvantage that first-generation, low-income, and immigrant students face in the college application process and career fields by providing catered and easily accessible resources and opportunities. We aim to identify and reduce the effects of these disadvantages through a free mobile app that connects students with information, local and online resources, scholarships and aid, career exploration, meaningful advice from previous students with similar experiences, and an artificially intelligent mentor that we hope to implement in the near future, with the hope that these resources lessen disparities within career fields and the effects of systemic issues.


Team Name: SwiftPixels

Team Members: Jasmine Garry


App Name: HOPE

Pitch Video:

Project Description: HOPE connects volunteers and refugees in need. Through HOPE, refugees can to schedule food, clothing, and toy pick-ups or deliveries. Additionally, HOPE provides translation services and connects volunteers who know the necessary languages to help navigate them to the right places. Likewise, through HOPE, volunteers can host events. Finally, HOPE offers medical resources for amputees, scheduling medical appointments, or therapy counseling. Having all of these resources in one app will allow for a seamless transition for all refugees.


Team Name: Team EinSigns

Team Members: Mara Dukuly, Ruhi Malgi

Mentors: Patty Jurrens

App Name: EinSigns

Pitch Video:

Project Description: EinSigns is an app that helps hearing people learn ASL in order to ease the burden of communication on deaf and hard-of-hearing people. With video lessons, interactive ways to practice, and a special section to learn about ASL culture and history, we aim to bridge the communication gap between the hearing and deaf communities, one sign at a time.


Team Name: Team Velocity

Team Members: Laasya Aki, Adriana Tacheny, Lakshika Nanda Kumar Reddy

Mentors: Kayla Dostal

App Name: AgrID

Pitch Video:

Project Description: AgrID is an app that is designed to help farmers with their agricultural process relating to crop health. With features like a plant disease identifier, the climate friendly solutions to these diseases, a weather page, and a community page, AgrID puts innovative technology in the hands of farmers.


Team Name: WHS

Team Members: Ava Illingworth, Grace Illingworth, Grace Li, Ava McNanley

Mentors: Heidi Seymore, Catherine (Cathy) Sandberg

App Name: Smart North Hub Helper

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Hub Helper is an app for both users and administration of Smart North Tech Hubs. This app allows users to create an account where they can register for the courses that the Tech Hubs offer, view statistics on the time that they have spent at the tech hubs, and sign in when they visit the hubs. Administrators have their own interface where they can view specific personal and safety information on the students as well as track who visits the Tech Hubs and when. Administration can also edit and publish the courses for students to register for.


Team Name: Wild Kratts

Team Members: Fiona Long, Norah Vogt, Fiona Schaack

Mentors: Mark Miller

App Name: AortaAlly

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Our project name is AortaAlly. We chose this name in order to reflect the support related to heart health that we want to provide for women. Our goal is to spread awareness on the symptoms of women’s heart disease as well as help women be more aware of their own health risks. We want to reduce the number of women who go through their life unaware of the risks. Our app provides resources for users to learn about heart health and provides resources for users to maximize their own heart health.

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