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A Byte-Sized Visit

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting with one of our rural Byte-Sized Challenge partners this week. The 4th graders at Staples-Motley Elementary have spent the last 8 weeks exploring physical computing with the Micro:Bit, and they have had a blast!

As I wandered around the class, the excitement was palpable - they wanted to show me all of the projects they had discovered, and when a problem would arise, they got super excited at the opportunity to debug.

This visit was a great reminder of why we do what we do at Code Savvy - a prime example of our ecosystem at work.

Their teacher, Ms. Cathy Evans, is one of our MNCodes Cohort members. Because of her participation, she was able to take advantage of the Byte-Sized Challenge opportunity for her classes. Those students have now built confidence in problem solving with technology, and also in presenting their findings to their peers and others.

Seeing all of their smiles and excitement was incredible (including Ms. Evans!), and I can’t wait to see what these students go on to do with their new-found love for computing.

If you’re interested in learning more about these, or any of our other programming, please reach out.

It’s important work, and it takes a community.

Valerie Lockhart

Executive Director

Code Savvy

NOTE: The Byte-Sized Challenge was brought to life through a partnership with Thomson Reuters. We are seeking additional sponsors for expansion into even more schools throughout Minnesota. This also includes looking for corporate volunteers that would like to go into the classrooms to help! Please email: if you'd like to help sponsor this amazing program.

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