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First-Year Reflection - Ericka Dennis

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

It's my one-year Technovation[MN] anniversary!

Like every one-year-old, I prepared myself for the inevitable stumbles. When I fell, I paused, took a deep breath, and reflected on the lessons learned. Once I gathered my thoughts, I stood up determined to attack the next opportunity.

Each Technovation[MN] day brought new discoveries, lessons, and challenges. Luckily, there was always a supportive team ready to advise, guide, and congratulate me. I have never

partnered with so many knowledgeable and passionate volunteers who are dedicated to

ensuring that more underrepresented youth see tech as a viable option for them. It has been an amazing display of teamwork and apprenticeship.

Speaking of apprenticeship, nothing brings me more joy than working with young people. I love their energy, curiosity, and zest for learning. With great pride and careful consideration to detail, I planned Launchapalooza, Pitchapalooza, and Appapalooza with the girls’ enthusiasm, enjoyment and engagement at the forefront of my mind!

Additionally, I was honored to mentor Technovation[MN]'s Student Ambassadors who

planned the T-shirt design contest, wrote interview questions, discussed recruitment ideas, and coordinated fun activities for Appapalooza.

Developing and facilitating Code Savvy's newly-developed Byte-Sized Challenge curriculum at Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary was a firsthand opportunity to bridge the technological divide. Witnessing the girls' anxiety melt into joy and laughter as they learned new skills was truly inspirational.

Throughout this last season, I listened as the girls discussed their learning journeys. It became clear that their journeys echoed my own. Now, I sit in my chair, beaming with pride as I reflect upon the welcoming, safe, learning environment that Code Savvy's Technovation[MN] program has built. It is a home where all are encouraged, old and young, novice and expert alike, to explore new skills, develop relationships and give back to a greater cause.

The year 2022 was quite the rite of passage. I am excited to be a Technovation Chapter Ambassador during the 2023 Technovation season.

What do you look forward to during the 2023 season? (leave a comment below!)

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