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Meet the CSEducate Team

Code Savvy Educate members are experts in creating Computer Science Educator Training and Events, CS Coaching, Curriculum Development, and facilitating school partnerships for ongoing CS Ed support.

We have quite a few new(er) contractors working with our program these days, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce you so you can see the amazing wealth of information and experience our team brings to all of the work we do!

NOTE: For even more information about this program, please see the MNCodes website.

headshot of a woman with long brown hair and black rimmed glasses

Andrea Wilson-Vazquez

Andrea is the Program Director for Code Savvy Educate. She has been building this program since 2014 and until very recently also worked as a full-time teacher. She now devotes her time to showing teachers how to integrate computer science into their classrooms, and partnering with other CS advocacy groups to bring equity and opportunity to MN classrooms. She is also passionate about skiing and spending time with her family.

image of a woman with long blond hair and a bright smile

Ashley Goetz

Ashley helps facilitate our school partnership programs as well as the Educator Training Program at Code Savvy. She works as a full-time curriculum developer at Girls Who Code and was a former middle school math teacher. In her free time she loves to spend time outside with her pup and loves to travel with her family.

image of a man holding a fish while he is wearing sunglasses a hat and a big smile

Brad Haugen

Brad is a CS Instructional Coach for Code Savvy. He is coming off of teaching at Fairmont Area Schools for 15 years where he was a math turned STEM teacher. He has his Masters in STEM Education from Nova Southeastern University. He is an avid golfer and is also the head golf coach in Fairmont.

image of a man in a circular frame, he is wearing a plaid button-up shirt

Bryan Flaig

Bryan is a curriculum developer for Code Savvy. He is a STEM consultant who works with UC San Diego’s CREATE, San Mateo County Office of Education in California, and Kinderlab Robotics. Bryan taught middle school math and science for over a decade and was Science Supervisor for the San Francisco USD. He is an avid bird watcher and ukulele player.

image of a woman with long brown hair standing in front of a wall of green plants

Cammy Tewes

Cammy is a curriculum developer at Code Savvy. She writes K-2 curriculum for our school partnerships. She is also a first and second-grade teacher in Wells, MN. Cammy loves finding ways to integrate technology into her classroom! In her spare time, she loves spending time on the lake and taking care of her Bernese Mountain dog, Ruby.

Cristina Pacheco

Cristina is the Bilingual (Spanish/English) In-School CS Facilitator at Code Savvy. She has over 10 years of experience in child development and previously assisted in pre-K to 5th-grade classrooms. She is now transitioning into the tech-education space. In her free time, she is learning calligraphy, reading books, and going for walks/hikes with her family and their dog.

image of a non-binary individual with very short hair, shaved on the sides of the head, wearing circular framed glasses

Kelley Meister

Kelley is a curriculum designer for Code Savvy as well as a teaching artist in schools, libraries, museums/cultural production centers, and community centers throughout Minnesota with COMPAS, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and Eagan Art House. Ze teaches animation and filmmaking, digital photography, creative coding, circuitry, screenprinting, and more. Kelley’s interdisciplinary visual artwork has been shown around the country and has been supported by the Jerome Foundation and the Minnesota State Arts Board. As a teaching artist, Kelley's classes work towards embracing discovery and failure as we explore our creative selves.

image of a woman with shoulder-length straight brown hair, wearing black rimmed glasses. there is a purple shadow behind her head.

Rachel Miller

Rachel is a curriculum developer at Code Savvy. Previously she has worked as a middle school music teacher, technology integrationist, and instructional designer, and will be teaching middle school computer science in the Twin Cities this fall. In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading, playing in community music groups, and teaching marching band.

image of a woman with long blond hair in a pony tail and she is wearing a jean jacket.

Trae Waggoner

Trae is a curriculum developer at Code Savvy and Girls Who Code. Her background is in Computer Science with an emphasis in Arts, Media, and Engineering. She used to be a kid's coding instructor before transitioning into curriculum development. In her spare time, she likes to redesign her home, take care of her plants, and go on adventures with her partner and two rescue dogs!

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