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MN Technovation teams move to the next round in Global competition!

We gave out our local MN Technovation awards at the Code Savvy Celebrate event on May 20th (you can read about that in our blog post). But the Global Technovation awards are still in process!

The notification just came in that 4 of our teams this season (2 Beginner and 2 Senior) have advanced into the semi-finals! 🎉

Beginner Teams Advancing in the Semi-Finals:

Team Name: H2Awesome

Team Members: Meg Schmitt, Isabella Garry, Leah Kruegel

Mentors: Daniel Garry

App Name: Enviro

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Enviro is an app that educates people about purchasing decisions by offering a barcode scanner that can detect whether or not a product has microplastics. Also, Enviro offers a fun game where the user can practice identifying microplastics in the ingredient list and then they collect coins to purchase cute accessories for their pet turtle.

Team Name: The Woodbury Legends

Team Members: Madison Gonzalez Sparkman, Sophia Guerrero, Alexandra Rosenberg

Mentors: Ericka Dennis, Pooja Goyal, Laurie Aaronson

App Name: A-HEAD of you

Pitch Video:

Project Description: A-Head of You is a calming app for youth 6-9 years old. It features a mood tracker and four virtual calming spaces with various links to videos, books, inspirational quotes and activities to help kids work through big feelings. Future features include: customizable calming spaces, a chat room, virtual journal, and a kid-friendly GPS for great places to explore and activities in their community.

Senior Teams Advancing in the Semi-Finals:

Team Name: Mounds View High School

Team Members: Zoke Sackih, Sreya Subramanian

Mentors: Karen Busack, Quincy Sime, Michelle Trueblood

App Name: Gratzi

Pitch Video:

Project Description: Gratzi assists people in practicing gratitude and improving their mental health. Users can write down what they are grateful for, and the app will store and display the list at the end of each month as a reminder of the good things in their lives. Users can train their minds to focus on the positive elements of life by practicing gratitude daily, resulting in elevated levels of dopamine and serotonin. Gratzi features a resource page where users may get further information and help. Gratzi aims to encourage contentment by encouraging people to take small, active steps toward a happy existence.

Team Name: SwiftPixels

Team Members: Jasmine Garry

Mentors: N/A

App Name: HOPE

Pitch Video:

Project Description: HOPE connects volunteers and refugees in need. Through HOPE, refugees can schedule food, clothing, and toy pick-ups or deliveries. Additionally, HOPE provides translation services and connects volunteers who know the necessary languages to help navigate them to the right places. Likewise, through HOPE, volunteers can host events. Finally, HOPE offers medical resources for amputees, scheduling medical appointments, or therapy counseling. Having all of these resources in one app will allow for a seamless transition for all refugees.

Huge congratulations go out to all of these teams - we are watching anxiously to see if they will advance to the next stage!!! ❤️

If you’d like to find out more about participating in, mentoring for, or sponsoring the next season of the Technovation Girls Challenge - reach out today!

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