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Pathways to a Future in Computer Science and Technology

Code Savvy programs are often a student’s first taste of computer science. Whether it is because we are working within their schools to integrate CS with the existing curriculum, their parents have brought them to one of our Code Explorer programs, or they have decided to participate in our Technovation Challenge, getting an introduction to the world of development and software engineering can be a pathway to students pursuing a future in computer science and tech.

infographic of the different pathways students have through Code Savvy programming

From there, a certain number of students will continue their learning journey, both in other programs as well as creating and implementing projects on their own. It is so awesome to see when students that we’ve worked with continue to expand their experiences and get recognition through other community programs like the Aspirations in Computing.

The Aspirations in Computing Awards program is an initiative by the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence that recognizes and encourages young women in high school who are interested in pursuing careers in technology. The program provides a platform for young women to showcase their skills, achievements, and aspirations in the field of computing, and offers them access to a supportive network of mentors, educators, and professionals in the industry.

This year, 20 of our Technovation Girls Minnesota participants were recognized for their incredible work in the pursuit of technology and computer science! (not all pictured above)

  • Advika Chaudhari

  • Alex Rimbu

  • Amelie Nickel

  • Clare Dixon

  • Elia Johnson

  • Hannah Brass

  • Harini Vinod

  • Jasmine Garry

  • Jasmitha Allu

  • Laasya Aki

  • Mikhala Rivers

  • Neha Nandhakumar

  • Nimisha Bora

  • Reeha Ibrahim

  • Shreya Sekar

  • Shruti Chandrasekar

  • Sreyoli Bhattacharya

  • Stavya Arora

  • Tanisha Mandal

  • Zoke Sackih

We are so proud of these ladies and all that they have accomplished in their CS journeys!

The Code Savvy Spark Scholarships are another amazing opportunity for students of all genders who are interested in pursuing computer science or technology-related fields. This scholarship program aims to support students who are underrepresented in the technology industry by providing financial assistance and mentorship to help them achieve their academic and career goals.

Like Aspirations in Computing, the Code Savvy Spark Scholarships program awards scholarships to students who have participated in Code Savvy programming, have demonstrated a passion for computer science or technology, and are planning to pursue a degree in a related field.

The scholarship recipients will receive financial support to cover tuition fees, books, and other related expenses. In addition to financial support, the recipients will also have the opportunity to participate in mentorship and networking programs that will help them develop their skills, connect with professionals in the industry, and explore various career paths.

Students have until 11:59 pm on April 30th to apply:

Please join us at our Code Savvy Celebrate! event to see who the amazing 2023 recipients are!

You can register for the live event here:

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