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The State of Computer Science Education

Minnesota leads the pack in so many ways - except one, which we just happen to think is one of the more important ways that it should. What's the excellent news? More high schools than ever before are focusing on and integrating computer science curriculum into their offerings. It's up to 51% from 38% just three years ago.

What's the bummer news? Minnesota places last amongst the bunch - with only 24% of our high schools offering computer science to their students. Now, this is up from what it was previously, and some of that is due to the work we have been doing to help teachers integrate computer science into their existing lesson plans.

So that leaves us with the great news... There is definitely room for much improvement, and Code Savvy has the programs needed to bring these numbers up to where they should be.

To learn more about Code Savvy's programs, or to get involved with us on the solutions - email us at today!

Please feel free to download a copy of this PDF:

2021 State of Computer Science Education - CS
Download PDF • 499KB

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