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Women in STEM - Camille Hearst

Camille Hearst grew up in San Francisco during the 1980s and 90s, and saw the effects of the first dot-com bust, first hand. She then went on to study product design, management, and entrepreneurship at Stanford, always knowing that she would one day “strike out on her own.”

Camille spent some of her very early career working in product design and marketing for many of the silicon valley giants like Apple, Google, and YouTube. While she built up her experience, Camille was part of a team that developed a couple of patents for remote media listeners. This technology relates to being able to share media (like video and audio) on social media platforms in real-time and connecting with networks of people to share media with online. Around this same time, Camille started her own project, Kit, which is a community for discovering, discussing, and purchasing interesting products. She and her team were incredibly successful at fundraising - growing Kit into a very lucrative business.

In 2020, Kit was acquired by Patreon, and Camille moved into her new role with Spotify. She is now serving as the Head of Spotify for Artists where she oversees the product, engineering, design, data science, and user research teams. This work allows Camille to continue her work around tech that connects creators with the people who will appreciate and engage with their work online.

For even more information on Camille Hearst, check out this podcast interview:

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