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Women in STEM - Tarah Wheeler

Tarah Wheeler has a lot of serious cred in the world of tech.

CEO, Cybersecurity expert, poker enthusiast, and accomplished author, Tarah literally wrote the book on Women in Tech and the path to successfully bringing even more of them into the field.

Tarah devotes much of her life and time to providing guidance and inspiring women to embrace their unique perspectives and life experiences, teaching them to forge their own path into the world of technology. She regularly teaches workshops and speaks at conferences, hoping to show women that they absolutely belong in tech and can build successful careers there.

Tarah wrote in the introduction to her book, “I love technology, and I feel joy every single day that I get to invent something new, bring people a new perspective, invent a new automated process that gives time back to someone else or makes the world a better place.”

This passion oozes into everything that she touches.

Currently, Tarah is the International Security Fellow for New America, a policy think tank, as well as Cyber Project Fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center. Tarah also serves as an Electronic Frontier Foundation Advisory Board Member.

To learn more about Tarah and her amazing contributions to the world of cybersecurity and encouraging gender diversity in technology, check out her Twitter feed.

You can also check out her Wikipedia page, and as well, watch her 2017 Speech on Info Security on YouTube:

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