Brian Brackeen is a remarkable individual who made significant contributions to the technology industry! As the founder and CEO of Kairos, he helped advance facial recognition to what it is today and inspired others to do the same. In addition to his entrepreneurial background, he is also the co-founder of Lightship Capital, a venture capital firm focused on supporting underrepresented founders. Brian’s passion for diversity and inclusion in tech is evident in his work and advocacy. He is truly a visionary in the industry.

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Brian had a passion for technology from a very young age. He then took his passion to the University of Maryland and studied computer science. His dream was to make a positive impact in the tech world and inspire others to do so as well. It wasn’t until he was starting in the tech industry that he realized the significant barriers he would encounter as an African American entrepreneur. This only made him more determined to make his mark, and so he got to work founding his first startup. 

Brackeen’s company Kairos was founded because of the need for facial recognition technology in various applications. He recognized the potential of this technology to enhance security, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation in industries such as retail, healthcare, and financial services. He also didn’t agree with all aspects of the government’s use of facial recognition and wanted to create technology with privacy in mind. The success of his first company allowed him to eliminate some of the racial bias he faced and become recognized in the tech world. 

Brian’s work in facial recognition did not go unnoticed and led to him being in the top 100 influential African Americans in technology. This achievement inspired many young African Americans to pursue careers in technology. Brian Brackeen wanted to support these young innovators, and he created Lightship Capital, a company that focused on backing underrepresented entrepreneurs. He recognized the importance of providing resources, mentorship, and funding to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Through Lightship Capital, Brian aims to level the playing field and create opportunities for underrepresented individuals to thrive and succeed in the startup community. 

Brian Brackeen now continues his journey by speaking to students and faculty all over the Midwest. He shares his story and gives advice such as embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. He also empathizes with building meaningful relationships as they are your support system. His work continues to inspire and drive progress, making him a true visionary for inclusivity and change in technology. Brian’s legacy is one of empowerment, determination, and the relentless pursuit of equality in the tech world.

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