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Minneapolis, MN – (November 8, 2021) – Code Savvy, a nonprofit organization that promotes computer science and technology education, has just named their next Executive Director.

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Valerie Lockhart, new Executive Director of Code Savvy

Valerie Lockhart is a technologist with over two decades of human resources, organizational management, and communications experience. She is the Founder of the Minnesota Women in Technology, and has served as the Executive Director of the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network. Valerie is passionate about digital accessibility and bridging the gap in STEM education for people of all ages and backgrounds. Through her years of service, she has developed and managed many programs that address technical workforce needs, as well as community access to digital knowledge and skills.

“It is my intent as the new Executive Director of Code Savvy to expand our mission of increasing opportunities for access to computer science education, as well as direct experiences. We will seek new partnerships, new communities to engage with, and new ways of delivering this important knowledge to more people than ever before.”

~Valerie Lockhart

Valerie will be transitioning into this position most recently held by Jean Weiss, who will enjoy her retirement by staying involved with the organization as a board member and volunteer for Code Savvy’s Technovation[MN] program.

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More About Code Savvy

Code Savvy was co-founded by Rebecca Schatz in 2013. Rebecca imagined an organization that would bring computational thinking and computer science knowledge to youth that did not typically have access to that type of learning. Through code camps, collaborative development events, and educational community engagement, Code Savvy has touched the lives of thousands, inspiring interest and continued learning in STEM.

Since 2013, the organization has excelled at expanding STEM access for youth, as well as introducing Educator training programs to better arm teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate computer science education into their broader lesson plans.

If you are interested in learning more about Code Savvy, or if you would like to schedule an interview with Valerie or someone on her team, please feel free to reach out to

A message from Valerie Lockhart:

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