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“I have seen a lot of CS Curriculum, but nothing compares to the Code Savvy Lessons I bring to the teachers I support. They are structured in a way that make it easy for teachers with any CS experience to bring these lessons to their classroom in an engaging way!”


Lesson Resource K-2

In this lesson, students will be able to compare human and computer communication, define algorithms, and demonstrate their understanding by creating original algorithms in Scratch Jr.

Lesson Resource 3-8

This lesson encourages students to explore their identities and create a unique Scratch project reflecting various aspects of themselves.

Lesson Resource 5-12

In this unplugged activity, students will learn how they can use flowcharts and psuedocode to plan their programs before they start writing code. This activity highlights computational thinking concepts and approaches of algorithms, decomposition, and collaboration. 

Lesson Resource 6-12

In this lesson, students will explore the connections between art and computer science. They will explore and tinker with the p5.js editor, a JavaScript library. By the end of the lesson, students will have created their own interactive piece of algorithmic art.