Agile Development is a business approach that was primarily made to decrease flaws in previous software systems in the early stages to prevent problems from occurring later on. When discussing productivity, 17 software developers came up with the idea of Agile Development. Then they wrote a manifesto, and today their methods are used by the vast majority of developers.

Agile has four principles they use when applying this method. First, they create their desired product. Then they send this product off to work environments to be tested. They collect reviews on how they can improve and apply changes. Once the product is ready, they finally release it.  Lastly, they make small improvements along the way in a time frame referred to as “downtime”.

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Why is Agile Development Useful?

Agile Development is the most effective business approach. For many years, the Waterfall Method has been the dominant approach. This method consisted of a sequence where each step had to be completed before the next. In the long run, this method turned out to be painstakingly slow and yield poor results.

When Agile was gaining popularity, many business leaders realized that it not only saved them time, but also money. Productivity increased significantly, and so did the results. Now, Agile is recognized as the best software development strategy because of its 64% success rate and low risk.

Who uses Agile Development?

In the U.S., around 71% of companies have switched to using Agile Software Development. When Sony switched their software development strategy to Agile, their planning time decreased by 28%, and they saved around 30 million dollars a year. Crisco also reported that their defects had been reduced since quitting the Waterfall system. Some of the most successful companies, like Apple and Microsoft, also utilize Agile software Development. 

What is JIRA, and how does it relate to Agile?

JIRA is a program that is widely used by Agile Software Developers. It can provide tools for problem solutions, teamwork discussions, independence, and even software bugs. Many developers choose JIRA because feedback is tailored to each individual company and their issues. This way, both large corporations and small businesses can have equal access to high productivity.

JIRA has many core values that align with Agile Software Development. JIRA’S main concepts are project, issue, and workflow. The project consists of all the issues that need to be fixed and the core ideas going into the project. This issue covers how the problems in the project are managed and kept track of. Workflow embodies the work ethic of making adjustments to a design instead of starting over, which is what made the waterfall method so difficult.

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